Voicenger brings new era to instant messaging

Insanely Instant

Instant messaging has never been this instant. You can literally speak through your friends phones - even when the phone is in their pocket.

Super Fun!

Voicenger is the first in the world to bring versatile and quirky spoken voices, such as well-known brands from TV series and movies, to chat.

Free App

Voicenger is the fastest, funniest and most immersive instant messaging app. Best of all it's FREE!


Live play

Some of the key features:

  • Super easy & modern user interface
  • Safe installation - register only with the phonenumber
  • Automatically find friends
  • Invite friends easily with WhatsApp and SMS
  • 10+ free characters
  • Unlock more characters as free by watching videos
  • Search
  • Message Logs
  • Option to mute sounds from messages for 0 - 8 hours
  • Option to ban users
Voicenger characters: Arnold, Trump, Ozzy, Simon, Sharon, Sofia, Nicki

Voicenger™ is now available for iPhone & Android.
You can download and use voicenger for free!

Android app on Google Play

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